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The Japanese bridge, above, reflect Walter Reuther’s love for diverse architecture.  Photo: JOHN DAVIS / UAW LOCAL 2195
The Japanese bridge, above, reflect Walter Reuther’s love for diverse architecture. Photo: JOHN DAVIS / UAW LOCAL 2195

Combine the natural beauty of northern Michigan in the summer and your own desire to be inspired as a union member and what do you get?

How about a free trip to the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Mich.?

But it’s more than a vacation from the daily grind. It’s a chance to renew yourself, rediscover your family and recommit yourself to labor activism.

The 2010 UAW Family Scholarship Program accomplishes this and more.

As previously reported, the UAW is exploring options to reduce costs in all aspects of its operations, including a possible sale of the union’s golf course and other components of the center. Meantime, we’ll continue to operate the center to provide a unique educational experience for our members, including the scholarship program.

Since the center opened in 1970, thousands of UAW families have taken part in the program. During the day, parents participate in workshops on issues that affect working families such as health care, labor rights, trade and more.

“I’ve been privileged to attend conferences and events at Black Lake over my 32 years as a UAW member,” said Phinis V. Hundley, president of UAW Local 2012 in Elizabethtown, Ky. “But you can’t appreciate the center until you go there for the union’s family scholarship program.”

“The chance to interact with families from all over the country turned my visit into an amazing and educational week. Walter Reuther’s dream is alive,” added Hundley, who attended last year’s program.

Children ages 3-7 and 8-11 go to age-appropriate day camps where they have a blast with creative arts, music, games, athletics and swimming. Youngsters ages 12-15 get a small taste of what it’s like to be an active, involved citizen with specially designed workshops, plus activities such as golf, swimming and gym games. And teens ages 16-18 participate in a program to prepare them for the working world.

There’s plenty for the parents to do, too. In addition to swimming at the beach or at the indoor pool, there are team sports, nature walks, camping, fishing, and, of course, golf. The award-winning Black Lake Golf Club is right next door.

Your union pays for all lodging, food and program costs. Participants may choose to pay for other things such as group photographs, gift shop items, golf or activities in nearby communities.

To be eligible for a family scholarship, you must be a UAW member in good standing for at least a year and never have attended the scholarship program. This summer’s three sessions are July 11-16, July 18-23 (which also offers a session in Spanish) and July 25-30.

Download more information and an application (pdf 188KB) or request a brochure and application from your regional office.