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From the readers

The shape we’re in

There is a member of the U.S. Senate,
Who did a lot of damage in just one minute.
The Corker is a Republican from Tennessee,
It’s not the first time he chastised the Big Three.
He blamed the auto industry, for the country’s misery.
He talks about things that he doesn’t understand.
He is indeed a funny little man.
He will vote against extending unemployment benefits,
And support the wealthy hypocrites.
The fat cats want to keep their tax break in place,
To heck with the rest of the human race.
The rich want to protect their profit margin,
While the poor people try to keep from starving.
When you must decide between medicine and food,
You cannot feel sorry for some rich dude.
With the Affordable Care Act of 2,000 and 10 –
We’ll be in pretty good shape, for the shape we’re in.

Rick Jordan
UAW Local 372 retiree
Hollow Rock, Tenn.

Global Economy 101

What I’ve learned from this global economy:

The U.S. government let the big companies export all our good-paying jobs, and we import everything else.

The heads of these big companies and banks can bring this country to its knees and we have to bail them out, but they get to keep their jobs making millions, plus a bonus and they think it’s a sin to pay a factory worker $15 an hour.

The jobs this global economy has created teach us that you will never be able to retire, make a decent living and pray that you never get sick.

If you don’t buy products made in the USA, plan on standing in the unemployment line or working for nothing.

Doug Radwill
UAW Local 180
Racine, Wis.

Honoring the original Veterans Day

I agree with Greg Walter of UAW Local 31 who wrote that Veterans Day needs to be observed on the actual day and not close to Nov. 15 for the start of hunting season.

As a military veteran, a member of the Michigan Air National Guard and a voice for veterans here at Chrysler’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, I’ve been very disappointed in the union and company’s stance on this.

One Veterans Day weekend I was working, the flag was at half-staff for the veterans observance, and an engineer asked why that was so. I asked him if he knew what day we were observing this weekend. “It’s a hunter’s holiday,” he said.

I was furious that he really thought the UAW and Chrysler had negotiated a hunter’s holiday. Why don’t we just put up a hunting display – apparently that’s more important that Veterans Day.

Tony Sadowski
UAW Local 889
Sterling Heights, Mich.

The familiar smell of politics

Ah, the smell of springtime is in the rolling hills of the southland. Bluebirds are looking for summer homes, rabbits and squirrels are starting their search for the best nut trees, and the winter snows have finally moved on.

With the federal budget on the floor of the U.S. House and Senate, all of the great ideas we heard from Republicans and Tea Party members have suddenly disappeared. Yet they want President Obama to “make the first move.”

I thought he did that Feb. 10 when the budget books were first printed and delivered to Congress.

Just like the little animals of spring, polls are everywhere. And many pollsters report that the president is well ahead of any challengers by as much as seven points. The Democrats have their candidate firmly in the saddle. Republicans don’t have a candidate yet.

Organized labor will ask rank-and-file members to support the president in 2012. He’s not perfect. But I can’t wait to put that Obama bumper sticker on my new Ford Edge and talk to anyone – and everyone – who will listen to the cold, hard facts.

Don Corn
UAW Local 737 retiree
Nashville, Tenn.

Set the record straight

I’ve received numerous calls – all positive – about the “Stop the madness” letter in Solidarity’s January-February “From the readers” section.

To set the record straight: I got the article off the Internet and circulated it several months ago, but I didn’t write it. I agree with it and was happy to see it published in Solidarity.

Charles McDonald,
chair UAW Local 2195 Retiree Chapter
Athens, Ala.