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Tiffany Coger has been a UAW Local 600 member since 2003. She chairs her Health Alliance Plan (HAP) clerical unit at the company’s Detroit and Southfield offices. She’s also the local’s Health Care Council chair and recording secretary for the UAW Region 1A TOP Council. Coger, 39, comes from a UAW family, and has always believed workers must stand together for social and economic justice. The mother of two college-age daughters, Coger attends the Labor School Program at Wayne State University in Detroit. Solidarity caught up with Coger on her way back from a Region 1A Summer School at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center at Black Lake.

How did you get involved in the GimmeFIVE Program?

“I’ve always thought about getting more involved at membership meetings. Then as a first-time delegate to UAW’s 35th Constitutional Convention in June, I heard President Bob King speak about organizing being a human right. It’s a First Amendment right, and that free choice cannot take place in a climate of fear. Then King introduced us to GimmeFIVE, and I thought it was so cool that he had us sign up right there by texting on our phones. We live in an age of new technology, and what better way to reach out to our union members?”

What do you say to UAW members and retirees who want to join GimmeFIVE?

“It’s important for us to be proud union members and recommit to our wonderful union by devoting five hours or more of volunteer time to do what’s necessary to organize, mobilize and get involved in political action. We need foot soldiers out there – folks who are passionate about this union.”

How’s it going since you signed up in June?

“I’m so busy, and I love it! I never thought in a million years that I’d be doing this.”

What do you hope to accomplish?

“The goal is to get union members involved because there’s strength in numbers. We have to stand together. Together we can make a difference, and we need to invest in our communities now. The GimmeFIVE goal is to recruit five members. Well, I want sign up 10 or more members at a time. I’ve connected with union members across the country through Facebook, by sending e-mails and texting. Our members need to be serious about our union, by walking the walk and talking the talk. GimmeFIVE is vital to economic change and social justice.”

How can we get more members and retirees involved?

“We need to reach out to them simply by talking with them, e-mailing or texting the GimmeFIVE message on union boards, leaflets, etc. I care about each and every person under our contract, and they need to understand how imperative union involvement is to our survival.”

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