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UAW Quick Facts

Membership: More than one million active and retired members. Over 400,000 active members in 2014, and some 580,000 retirees. 

One of America’s most diverse unions, with members in auto and heavy trucks, aerospace, agricultural implements and heavy equipment, as well as health care, higher education, gaming, public service and other technical, office and professional occupations.

Locals and Regions: More than 600 UAW local unions in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Local unions are grouped together in 9 UAW regions, empowering members to join together for organizing, bargaining and political action.

President: Dennis Williams
Secretary-Treasurer:  Gary Casteel
Vice Presidents:
Jimmy Settles, Cindy Estrada, Norwood H. Jewell
Regional Directors: Chuck Hall, Region 1; Rory Gamble, Region 1A; Gerald Kariem, Region 1D; Ken Lortz, Region 2B; Ron McInroy, Region 4; Gary Jones, Region 5; Ray Curry, Region 8; Terry Dittes, Region 9; Julie Kushner, Region 9A. 

Constitutional Convention: Elected delegates from UAW local unions gathered in Detroit in June 2014, and elected new union officers and regional directors, and set a program of action for UAW members.

Bargaining: 2,185 contracts with some 1,215 employers. Agreements cover wages, health care, benefits, health and safety, fair treatment in the workplace, family leave, promotions, job transfers, vacations and other key issues. 

Organizing: The UAW assists workers who want to organize so they can bargain to improve their workplaces. Despite fierce – and often illegal – employer resistance, the UAW has helped thousands of workers organize in recent years in manufacturing, gaming, higher education and other industries. 

Political Action: UAW members are active in lobbying Congress, state legislatures and local governments on issues that matter to working families. Key concerns:

  • Strengthening workers' rights and  opposing efforts to gut collective bargaining and worker safety and health protections at the federal and state levels
  • Strengthening voting rights for all Americans, opposing outrageous voter ID laws
  • Creating good, middle class jobs that raise wages for working families
  • Reforming U.S. trade policy and opposing bad agreements that kill U.S. jobs and harm domestic manufacturing
  • Strengthening retirement security and improving access to affordable healthcare for all Americans. Opposing misguided efforts to gut Medicare and Social Security

In our communities: UAW members are strong supporters of local and national charities, including United Way, March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity, support for veterans and many others.