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UAW Constitution -- Strikes


Section 1. (a) When a dispute exists between an employer and a Local Union concerning the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement or any other strikeable issue the Local Union or the International Executive Board may issue a call for a strike vote. All members must be given due notice of the vote to be taken and it shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote by secret ballot of those voting to request strike authorization from the International Executive Board. Only members in good standing shall be entitled to vote.

(b) Where a different ratification procedure for a Local Union or an Intra-Corporation Council has been properly applied for under terms of Article 19, Section 3, and after the International Executive Board has approved such ratification procedure, the method for accepting or rejecting contract changes and the taking of strike votes shall be governed by the terms of the procedure approved by the International Executive Board for that Local Union or Intra-Corporation Council.

Section 2. If the Local Union involved is unable to reach an agreement with the employer without strike action, the Recording Secretary of the Local Union shall prepare a full statement of the matters in controversy and forward the same to the Regional Director and International President. The Regional Director or her/his assigned representative in conjunction with the Local Union committee shall attempt to effect a settlement. Upon failure to effect a settlement s/he shall send the International President her/his recommendation of approval or disapproval of a strike. Upon receipt of the statement of matters in controversy from the Regional Director, the International President shall prepare and forward a copy thereof to each member of the International Executive Board together with a request for their vote upon the question of approving a strike of those involved to enforce their decision in relation thereto. Upon receipt of the vote of the members of the International Executive Board, the International President shall forthwith notify in writing the Regional Director and the Local Union of the decision of the International Executive Board.

Section 3. In case of an emergency where delay would seriously jeopardize the welfare of those involved, the International President, after consultation with the other International Officers, may approve a strike pending the submission to and securing the approval of the International Executive Board, providing such authorization shall be in writing.

Section 4. Neither the International Union nor any Local Union, nor any subordinate body of the International Union, nor any officer, member, representative or agent of the International Union, Local Union or subordinate body shall have the power or authority to instigate, call, lead or engage in any strike or work stoppage, or to induce or encourage employees of any employer to engage in a strike or concerted refusal in the course of their employment to use, manufacture, process, transport or otherwise handle or work on any goods, articles, materials, or commodities, or to perform any services, except as authorized by the International Executive Board or the International President in conformity with the provisions of this Constitution. Such power and authority resides exclusively in the International Executive Board and the International President, and may be exercised only by collective action of the International Executive Board as provided in Section 2 of this Article or by emergency action of the International President as provided in Section 3 of this Article.

Section 5. Before a strike shall be called off, a special meeting of the Local Union shall be called for that purpose, and it shall require a majority vote by secret ballot of all members present to decide the question either way. Wherever the International Executive Board decides that it is unwise to no longer continue an existing strike, it will order all members of Local Unions who have ceased work in connection therewith to resume work and thereupon and thereafter all assistance from the International Union shall cease.

Section 6. Any Local Union engaging in a strike which is called in violation of this Constitution and without authorization of the International President and/or the International Executive Board, shall have no claim for financial or organizational assistance from the International Union or any affiliated Local Union.

Section 7. The International President, with the approval of the International Executive Board, shall be empowered to revoke the Charter of any Local Union engaging in such unauthorized strike action, thereby annulling all privileges, powers and rights of such Local Union under this Constitution.

Section 8. In cases of great emergency, when the existence of the International Union is involved, together with the economic and social standing of our membership, the International President and the International Executive Board shall have authority to declare a general strike within the industry by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the International Executive Board, whenever in their good judgment it shall be deemed proper for the purpose of preserving and perpetuating the rights and living standards of the general member ship of our International Union, provided, under no circumstances shall it call such a strike until approved by a referendum vote of the membership.

Section 9. In case of a general strike, it shall require a majority vote of the International Executive Board before the strike is officially called off.