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UAW Constitution -- Research Department


Section 1. The International Executive Board shall create a Research Department for the International Union.

Section 2. The President of the International Union shall appoint a director for the Research Department who shall be selected from the International Union, if possible, and who is competent and qualified by previous experience and training to do such work; but such appointment shall not be considered final until it is approved by the International Executive Board at their next meeting. It shall be mandatory that the International Research Department shall be kept in formed of changes in rates, working standards and so forth by all Local Unions.

Section 3. It shall gather and keep on file information on wages, hours and other conditions of employment and any general information about the automotive, aerospace and agricultural implement industries.

Section 4. It shall gather and keep on file any other information which the International Executive Board, Regional Directors, Local Unions, Wage-Hour Councils or any other subdivision of the International Union may require from time to time.

Section 5. It shall send to all International Executive Board Members, International Representatives, Local Unions and Wage-Hour Councils a periodic bulletin on problems of general interest to the members of the Union.

Section 6. It shall submit to the International Executive Board Meetings, a regular report on general conditions in the automotive, aerospace and agricultural implement industries which are of importance to the International Union.

Section 7. It shall submit a complete and thorough report to the Conventions of the International Union on the automotive, aerospace and agricultural implement industries and the International Union.

Section 8. It shall supply Wage-Hour Councils with financial reports of employer(s) in their industry and such other material as they may request.