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UAW Constitution - Membership


Section 1. The International Union shall be composed of workers eligible for membership in the International Union, UNITED AUTOMOBILE, AEROSPACE AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKERS OF AMERICA (UAW).

Section 2. (a) Any person eligible to become a member of the International Union who is not affiliated with any organization whose principles and philosophy are contrary to those of this International Union as outlined in the Preamble of this Constitution, may apply for membership to the Local Union having jurisdiction over the workplace in which s/he is employed. The applicant must, at the time of application, be an actual worker in and around the workplace. All applicants for membership in any Local Union of the International Union shall fill out an official application provided by the International Union, answering all questions contained in such application, and sign a promise to abide by all laws, rules and regulations and the Constitution of the International Union. All applications thus received shall be referred to the Local Union for consideration and shall be acted upon as soon as possible, but not later than sixty (60) days from the date the application is received by the Financial Secretary of the Local Union.

(b) Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Constitution, applicants working for unorganized employers, or in those units not yet under the jurisdiction of a UAW Local Union may become members of the International Union directly by signing an application for membership in a form approved by the International Executive Board and by the payment of the sum of one dollar ($1, or such other amount determined by the International Executive Board), toward initiation fees and dues. Once a Local Union is chartered in, or awarded jurisdiction over the unit in which such member is working, s/he shall automatically be come a member of that Local Union.

Section 3. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Constitution, whenever an International Officer or International Representative is a member of a Local Union which is disbanded or goes out of existence, or whose charter is revoked, said Officer or International Representative may apply for membership in another Local Union in the same region. If accepted as a member by membership action of such Local Union, the International Officer or International Representative shall be considered to have remained in continuous good standing in the International Union during the period between the cessation of the existence of her/his original Local Union and her/his acceptance by the membership of the new Local Union.

Section 4. Upon acceptance of the application, membership shall date from the first day of the month for which dues are paid or dues check-off is authorized.

Section 5. Applications for membership rejected by the Local Union shall not be reconsidered until thirty (30) days have elapsed.

Section 6. Unless waived by the Local Union, or unit of an Amalgamated Local, any candidate failing to present her/himself for initiation within four (4) weeks after notification of her/his being accepted to membership without good and sufficient reason being given, shall forfeit all money paid by her/him.

Section 7. The original application signed by each member shall be retained electronically by the Local Union for its record. An electronic record of that official receipt shall be retained by the Local Union Information System (LUIS). This electronic record shall be made available to the International Union. A receipt shall be given to the member and the electronic record of receipt retained by the Local Union.

Section 8. No new member will be recorded at the International Office nor will initiation fee or per capita tax be accepted for new members until a monthly report is received from the Financial Secretary of the Local Union and the new member information has been entered into the Local Union Information System (LUIS).

Section 9. Any Local Union or International Union Trial Committee expelling any member for cause shall notify the International Secretary-Treasurer and the latter shall notify all Local Unions of this fact forthwith. A person who has been suspended or expelled by any Local Union or International Union Trial Committee shall not be eligible for membership in any other Local Union until all claims or charges against such person have been satisfactorily settled with the Local Union or International Union Trial Committee suspending or expelling and written notice to this effect furnished the Local Union to which such person seeks admission.

Section 10. No member shall be allowed to hold membership in more than one (1) Local Union of the International Union at the same time, except by permission of the International Executive Board. No member of the Union who is fully employed in one (1) workplace under the jurisdiction of the UAW shall accept work in any other workplace under the jurisdiction of the UAW. Any member violating this Section may be subjected to charges of conduct unbecoming a union member.

The above shall not apply in the case of members of a Local Union or unit of an Amalgamated Local Union who are conducting an authorized strike and have received written approval from the Local Union officers to obtain employment elsewhere.

Section 11. No application shall be accepted from the one designated as the head of a department, directing company policy or having the authority to hire and discharge workers. Members of the Union who are promoted to such positions shall be issued a withdrawal card immediately by the Local Union in conformity with Article 17 of this Constitution. Members promoted to minor positions where they work with their co-workers and do not have the power of discipline by hiring or discharging employees, may retain their membership in the Local Union at the discretion of the Local Union.

Section 12. The names of all applicants for admission about whose applications there is the least doubt may be published in the "official publication." No applicants whose names have been published shall be received into membership until thirty (30) days after the date of such publication. However, applications for membership from an unorganized or newly organized workplace shall be held in confidence.

Section 13. Any member in good standing who shall have become totally incapacitated by accident or illness may, at the discretion of her/his Local Union, be granted a gratuitous membership, continuing during incapacity. Appropriate cards denoting such membership shall be available through the Local Union Information System (LUIS).

Section 14. All members of the Local Union are also members of this International Union and subject to the orders, rulings and decisions of this International Union and the properly constituted authorities of the same.

Section 15. The International Union and the Local Union to which the member belongs shall be her/his exclusive representative for the purpose of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment or other conditions of employment; and for the negotiation and execution of contracts with employers covering all such matters, including contracts requiring membership or the continuance of membership in the Union as a condition of employment or continued employment; and contracts requiring the employer to deduct, collect, or assist in collecting from her/his wages any dues, initiation fees, reinstatement fees, payable to the International Union or her/his Local Union.

Section 16. The International Union and the Local Union to which the member belongs, and each of them, are by her/him irrevocably designated, authorized and empowered exclusively to appear and act for the member and in her/his behalf before any board, court, committee or other tribunal in any matter affecting her/his status as an employee or as a member of her/his Local Union or the International Union; and exclusively to act as the member's agent to represent and bind her/him in the presentation, prosecution, adjustment and settlement of all grievances, complaints or disputes of any kind or character arising out of the employer-employee relationship, as fully and to all intents and purposes as s/he might or could do if personally present.

Section 17. A member of a Local Union may resign or terminate membership only by written communication, signed by the member, to the Financial Secretary of the Local Union, and such resignation or termination of membership shall be effective upon receipt by the Financial Secretary of the Local Union; provided that if the employer of such person has been authorized by such person individually or by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the employer and the Local Union to check off any amounts from the wages of such person, such resignation or termination of membership shall not relieve such person from the obligations arising from such check off obligation. (See Special Note)

Section 18. A member who resigns or terminates her/his membership shall have no right or interest in any property of the Local Union or of the International Union, including any dues or other financial obligations paid by the member in advance of the effective date of such resignation or termination.

Section 19. Any member in good standing who is retired, shall be entitled to a "retired membership status" which, without being required to pay membership dues during the period of such retirement, shall entitle her/him to all of the privileges of membership except the right to vote in elections conducted pursuant to Article 19, Section 3; Article 45, Section 2; and Article 50, Sections 1 and 5. Appropriate cards denoting such membership status shall be prepared by the International Union and furnished to Local Unions upon request and at cost. The regular withdrawal-transfer provisions of this Constitution shall be applicable if such retired member returns to active employment.

Section 20. Non-members covered by an agency shop clause in a UAW contract shall receive all the material benefits to which members are entitled but shall not be allowed other membership participation in the affairs of the Union.

Membership in the Union shall be at all times available to such non-members on the same terms and conditions applicable to other members.