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UAW Constitution - Honorable Withdrawal Transfer Cards


Section 1. The International Secretary-Treasurer shall make honorable withdrawal transfer cards available to all Local Unions.

Section 2. Any member laid off from her/his work place but regularly employed on jobs outside the jurisdiction of the International Union shall take an honorable withdrawal transfer card, or in order to maintain her/himself in good standing in her/his Local Union, shall pay dues in accordance with Article 16 and Article 47.

Any member who has voluntarily separated from the jurisdiction of the UAW shall be issued a withdrawal card immediately by her/his Local Union. The above shall not apply to those members who are employed by or officially represent the UAW.

Section 3. Any member in good standing at the time of leaving the jurisdiction of her/his Local Union shall establish her/his membership in another UAW Local Union by either of the following:

(a) By obtaining an honorable withdrawal transfer card and depositing same immediately in such other UAW Local Union. Failure to deposit the honorable withdrawal transfer card within one (1) calendar month and to pay dues which have accrued since coming within the jurisdiction of such other UAW Local Union will result in termination of the honorable withdrawal transfer card.

(b) By payment of an initiation fee and dues to such other UAW Local Union, in which case such member's good standing will start as of the date of such payment.

This shall not apply to members holding a Local Union constitutional office who involuntarily left the jurisdiction of their Local Union. However, while holding such office such member shall not be eligible to hold any constitutional office in, or be a delegate to the International Convention from any Local Union other than one which s/he involuntarily left.

Section 4. When a member in good standing is transferred to another workplace as the result of transfer of operations or pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement, which plant is under the jurisdiction of another Local Union, her/his continuous good standing shall not be broken and shall be considered continuous good standing in the new Local Union.

Section 5. Any member who is laid off and subsequently transfers to another UAW Local Union and returns to her/his original Local Union within the period of one year from the date of such layoff, shall be considered to have been in continuous good standing for the purpose of meeting the good standing membership requirements of the International Constitution or Local Union Bylaws as it relates to election eligibility; provided, however, that such member maintains her/his continuous good standing in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution while holding membership in such UAW Local Union.

Section 6. A member shall be entitled to an honorable withdrawal transfer card provided s/he shall have her/his dues paid up to and including the current month, or out-of-work receipts, and there are no charges or debts owed to the Local Union.

Section 7. A member who is transferred to another Local Union and who has paid her/his current dues or dues in advance shall not be required to pay duplicate dues. The Local Union to which the advance dues payments have been made shall forward them to the Local Union to which the member is transferred or refund them to the member.

Section 8. When a holder of an honorable withdrawal transfer card loses the same, s/he can only receive a duplicate thereof by applying to the Local Union Financial Secretary who issued same. The Financial Secretary of the Local Union, after sufficient time has elapsed for an investigation to be made, will issue a duplicate honorable withdrawal transfer card upon receipt of the payment of one dollar ($1.00) from the applicant.

Section 9. Honorable withdrawal transfer cards may be terminated by the Local Union issuing them or by International officers for good and sufficient reasons.

Section 10. A person who has deposited her/his honorable withdrawal transfer card and thus resumed membership in the Union, shall thereupon be subject to charges and trial for acts or conduct detrimental to the interests of the Union or its members committed while s/he was out of the Union on honorable withdrawal transfer card. The provisions of Article 31 shall be applicable in such cases.

Section 11. Whenever the International Union has a reciprocal arrangement with any other union whereby each agrees to honor the other's transfers, any member transferring from such other union to the International Union upon showing evidence of good standing membership in such other union by depositing said evidence immediately upon coming within the jurisdiction of the UAW Local Union, but in no case later than the end of the first month in which forty (40) hours are worked, shall be admitted into the International Union without payment of an initiation fee or any other type of entry fee. Failure to deposit such evidence within one (1) month and to pay dues which have accrued since coming within the jurisdiction of the International Union will result in the termination of transfer rights and the payment of an initiation fee.

Section 12. Any Local Union Officer, Bargaining/Negotiations Committee Member or Workplace Steward offered a position with management shall secure permission from her/his Local Union before accepting such position in order to be entitled to an honorable withdrawal transfer card. Members violating this Section shall be subject to expulsion from the Union.

Section 13. Any International Officer, Regional Director, International Representative or any other full time employee of the International Union offered a personnel or labor relations position with management, shall secure permission from the International Executive Board before accepting such a position in order to be entitled to an honorable withdrawal transfer card. Members violating this Section shall be subject to expulsion from the Union.