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UAW Constitution -- Communications


Section 1. The International Union shall engage in communication programs (through print, electronic media or otherwise) designed to educate the membership and to acquaint the membership with the activities of this International Union. Special publications or other communications for all, or a particular segment, of the membership shall be disseminated from time to time as the International Executive Board may direct. The title of any official print publication shall be "Solidarity," or its successor designation, Official Publication of the International Union.

Section 2. "Solidarity" shall be under the supervision of the International Executive Board who shall select a Publication Committee consisting of the International President and two other members of the International Executive Board. The Publication Committee shall be directly responsible to the International Executive Board in carrying out the task of publishing "Solidarity." The editors of "Solidarity" shall be appointed by the International President subject to the approval of the International Executive Board.

Section 3. The International Secretary-Treasurer shall allocate out of each per-capita tax, five cents (.05) for a special fund for the communication programs described in Article 29, Section 1.

Section 4.  Beginning July 2014, members will have electronic access to “Solidarity." The only issue sent through the United States mail to members shall be the July-August publication. Members may submit a request to receive "Solidarity" via email or United States mail on the website.

Section 5. This publication is to be sent through the United States mail to each member in good standing.

Section 6. To non-members, the rate shall be five dollars ($5.00) per annum with postage additional for foreign subscribers.

Section 7. Local publications shall conform with the policies of the International Union and all Local Union Editors and/or Editorial Committees shall be responsible to the Officers and Executive Board of the Local Union who shall have authority to effectuate such conformity. Where a unit of an Amalgamated Local Union has a publication, such initial responsibility shall be to the unit officers, but the Amalgamated Local Union Officers and Executive Board shall still have the ultimate authority of effectuating such conformity.