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Right to Work for Less news, resources

Here are some resources to educate yourself and your fellow workers about the danger of Right to Work for Less laws and what you can do to fight back. Be sure to check out the photo gallery from our December rallies in Lansing as well!



12.19.12 A new coalition to fight for Michigan (Detroit News)

12.19.12 The mythology of Right to Work persists (Diary of a Heartland radical)

12.17.12 'Right to Work's' dark side: Low wages, economic decline (Campaign for America's Future)

The Melissa Harris Perry Show’ MSNBC interview of Bob King with Melissa Harris-Perry

12.14.12 Faith, progressive, labor, community groups announce formation of 501(c) group to fight Right to Work for Less.

12.14.12 How does Right to Work Affect Unions? NPR Weekend Edition interview of Bob King with Scott Simon

12.14.12 Can we have a Liberal America without unions? History says no (Wash. Post)

12.14.12 Steelworkers video on Lansing protest

12.13.12 A look at how the 1 percent defends the attack on unions (EPI)

12.13.12 Radio host stumps Snyder by asking how union busting translates into more jobs (Think Progress)

12.13.12 Torch Light March tonight in Detroit to expose Gov. Snyder's lies

12.13.12 Gov. Snyder's gift to graduates: A divided state and weaker economy. Rally in East Lansing

12.12.12 GOP state representative tried to exempt husband from right-to-work law. (MLive)

12.12.12 EPI Report: Indiana Right to Work experience offers little hope to Michigan

12.12.12 Michigan joins the race to the bottom (The Hill)

12.12.12 Mich. Right to Work law will ripple across U.S. (NBC News)

12.12.12  Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Governor Snyder signing right-to-work-for-less legislation

12.12.12 Michael Moore talks about two things close to his heart: Michgigan and labor (The War Room with Jennifer Granholm)

12.12.12 Right to Work blasted by Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero (Huff Post)

12.12.12 UAW President Bob King and members (Lansing Online News)

12.11.12 ‘Right-to-work’ passes in Michigan , The Take Away, NPR, Bob King interview with John Hockenberry

12.11.12 Right to Work in Michigan; The Truth About Government (transcript), CNN interview of Bob King with Poppy Harlow

12.11.12 Michigan labor legislation garners national attention, MSNBC interview of Bob King with Andrea Mitchell (Rev. Jesse Jackson included in interview)

12.11.12 Dis-union in Michigan, MSNBC Hardball interview of Bob King with Chris Matthews

 Michigan labor legislation garners national attention, MSNBC interview of Bob King with Andrea Mitchell (Rev. Jesse Jackson included in interview)

UAW’s King on Right-To-Work, Fox Business News interview with Jeff Flock


12.11.12 Koch brothers cash fueled RTW (Salon)

12.11.12 Bob King addresses Right to Work (Michigan Radio)

12.11.12 King on RTW (Fox Business)

12.11.12 More than 17,000 converge on Lansing to let Snyder know he will be held accountable

12.11.12 Snyder signs RTW over protests of thousands (NBC News)

12.11.12 Michigan RTW law sparks debate on Labor Unions (PBS Newshour)

12.11.12 Thousands of unions workers protest Michigan law (Voice of America)

12.11.12 Granholm sounds off on RTW (The War Room with Jennifer Granholm)

12.11.12 Michigan ganers national attention on RTW (MSNBC)

12.10.12 Unions brace for crippling blow, CNN interview of Cindy Estrada by Brooke Baldwin (Transcript)

12.10.12  Michigan fight: ‘This is serious,’ The Ed Show, MSNBC, interview with Cindy Estrada.

The Ghettoization of Public Education, The Tomm Hartmann Show, interview with Cindy Estrada.


12.10.12 Get set for rally tomorrow in Lansing!

12.10.12 Obama denounces RTW law (Fox Business News)

12.10.12 President Obama's remarks in Michigan on Right to Work for Less

12.10.12 Street closures around the Capitol on Tuesday (WILX, Lansing)

12.10.12 Rally Flier for 12.11.12

12.10.12 President Obama RTW graphic (from SEIU)

12.09.12 Wear RED on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

12.09.12 A failure of leadership from Gov. Snyder (Detroit Free Press)

2.15.12 China is very 'business friendly' (Campaihgn for America's Future)

12.08.12 Tweet Snyder and tell him NO!

12.08.12 Rally on Tuesday in Lansing