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How the International Union Runs

The UAW International Executive Board is responsible for carrying out the programs and policies approved by the Constitutional Convention delegates and running the day-to-day operations of the International Union.

The 18-member International Executive Board consists of seven International officers -- President, Secretary-Treasurer, and five Vice Presidents -- and the 11 regional directors. All are elected to four-year terms by the delegates to the UAW Constitutional Convention.

The President has the responsibility of performing whatever duties are necessary to protect and advance the interests of the UAW membership. Under the UAW Constitution, the President reports to the International Executive Board every three months.

The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the International Union's funds, conducting audits, and ensuring the financial affairs of the UAW are conducted in accordance with the UAW Constitution and state and federal laws. An annual statement of the International Union's finances is published in Solidarity Magazine.

The Staff

Whether a member works at a multinational corporation, state or local government, a small manufacturing shop, a college or university, a non-profit organization, or any of the many other types workplaces represented by the UAW -- they know they can count on the support of a committed, experienced International Union staff.

The UAW International staff includes seasoned experts in collective bargaining, grievance handling, arbitration, labor law, health and safety, health care and retirement plans, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, legislation, economics, education and training, and communications.