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Fight for the middle class in your state capital!

Wisconsin - Thousands gather to protest in the capital
This area is dedicated to the battlegrounds in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey and elsewhere where Republican governors and GOP-dominated legislatures are trying to pay back their political contributors by stripping hard-working state and other public workers of their rights to
collectively bargain.

Many of these same public officials are also trying to make their states so-called "Right-to-Work" states, where they can try to demolish the gains unions in the public and private sector have brought to all workers

Read up on what's going on and try to help in your state.

Battleground Indiana (01.17.2012) UAW members speak out on right-to-work for less in Indiana

Battleground Iowa (08.16.2011) Remarks by President Obama in Decorah, Iowa

Battleground Wisconsin (08.08.2011) Conservative groups try to deceive voters in recall races

Battleground Wisconsin (07.15.2011) Update Wisconsin: Sweep!

Battleground Wisconsin (06.20.2011) Wisconsin’s conservative high court green-lights anti-worker bill

Battleground Ohio (06.20.2011) We Are Ohio Announces New Petition Signature Totals

Battleground Ohio, Maine (06.06.2011) Ohio bikers ride to kill SB 5

Battleground Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire (05.20.2011) Michigan Senate raises taxes on seniors, working families

Battleground Michigan (05.18.2011) Rally in Lansing Saturday to protest Snyder budget

Battleground Michigan (05.10.2011) Michigan Town Bristles Under Appointed Manager

Battleground Michigan (05.10.2011) Benton Harbor EFM talk on the Colbert Report VIDEO

Battleground Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin (05.09.2011) Sunset in America

Battleground Michigan (05.05.2011) Rally to defend democracy in Benton Harbor on May 7

Battleground Missouri (04.28.2011) Deluge of anti-worker legislation rains down on Missouri’s middle-class

Battleground New Hampshire (04.26.2011) Fight is on against right-to-work in Granite State

Battleground All States (04.25.2011) Talking points on the House Republicans' budget

Battleground All States (04.25.2011) Kill Medicare to give tax breaks for the rich?

Battleground Michigan (04.25.2011) Fight the pension tax in Michigan!

Battleground All States (04.19.2011) You pay your taxes. Why don't they?

Battleground Michigan (04.19.2011) Benton Harbor, MI Story On The Rachel Maddow Show VIDEO

Battleground All States (04.15.2011) Must see Rachel Maddow Battlegrounds VIDEO

Battleground Michigan (04.14.2011) UAW members rally in defense of middle class

Battleground Ohio (04.12.2011) 15,000 rally at Ohio statehouse VIDEO

Battleground Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida (04.07.2011) Wisconsin Supreme Court race reveals voter dissatisfaction with GOP’s anti-worker agenda

Battleground Wisconsin (04.06.2011) Tight race for Wisconsin Supreme Court shows voters unhappy with GOP’s anti-worker agenda

Battleground All States: (04.05.2011) ‘We Are One’ rallies mark King’s legacy on workers’ rights

Battleground Michigan: (04.05.11) Snyder's budget targets seniors, children, the unemployed

Battleground All States: (04.04.11) MLK's dream for the middle class cannot be left to die

Battleground Maine (04.04.11) Maine Republicans criticize GOP governor

Battleground All States (04.01.11) 'I'm Sticking to the Union'

Battleground Ohio (03.31.2011) SB 5 Passes House Despite Heated Opposition

Battleground All States (03.31.2011) Fight the Attack on the Middle Class - National Day of Action

Battleground Indiana (03.29.2011) Indiana Democrats return triumphant

Battleground Multiple States (03.18.2011) Judge issues restraining order on Republicans in Wisconsin

Battleground Wisconsin: (03.18.2011) - Milwaukee

Battleground Michigan: (03.17.2011) 5,000 protest anti-labor bills and budget cuts in Lansing

Battleground Wisconsin: (03.17.2011) Viewpoints: All labor has stake in Wisconsin standoff Share

Battleground Michigan: (03.17.2011) Another Rally at the Capitol, Is Snyder Listening?

Battleground New Jersey, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Maine, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Kansas, Arizona: (03.16.2011) REPORT: In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families

Battleground All States: (03.14.2011) Factbox: Several states beyond Wisconsin mull union limits

Battleground Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Missouri: (03.11.11) 20,000 Hoosiers protest anti-worker efforts

Battleground Wisconsin: (03.11.2011) Protesters vow continued actions, recall efforts, after GOP votes away union rights Rhode Island - protesters gather in support of Wisconsin workers

Battleground Solidarity Action Calendar: (03.10.2011) Updated daily, check out events happening in your area

Battleground Wisconsin: (03.08.2011)  360° virtual tour of Ground Zero in Madison, Wisconsin - Public Unions and Democrats vs. Tea Party Republicans

Battleground Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio: (03.07.2011)  Activists to rally outsite Mich.'s state Capitol

Battleground Ohio: (03.04.11) GOP senator who would have voted against anti-union bill was yanked off committee 30 minutes before vote

Battlegrounds Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana: (03.04.11) Michigan child care providers stripped of collective bargaining rights

Battleground All States: (03.03.11) Ad from Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America

Battleground, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida: (03.02.11) 25,000 turn out to protest Ohio SB5

Battleground All States: (03.02.11) Restore union power to revitalize America

Battleground Wisconsin, Ohio: (03.01.11) Another big day of protests in Wisconsin, Ohio

Battleground All States: (03.01.11) At the Table

Battleground All States: (02.28.11) Weekend protests grow in Wisconsin

Battleground Wisconsin: (02.28.11) Gov. Scott Walker, Stop the Games Resolve Our State's Crisis VIDEO

Battleground All States: (02.26.11) Battleground fights continue

Battleground Wisconsin: (2.23.11) AFT President Randi Weingarten on The Colbert Report talks about Wisconsin Video

Battleground Wisconsin: (02.23.11) Rachel Maddow interview on Leno Video

Battleground Ohio: (2.23.11) Thousands protest in Ohio state capital

Battleground Wisconsin: (02.21.11) Green Bay Packer great Charles Woodson defends working families.

Battleground All States: (02.21.11) Noble Prize winner Paul Krugman says Governor's Walker plan isn't about the budget but it will destroy democracy.

Battleground Ohio: (02.21.11) Stand up for Ohio Facebook page

Battleground All States: (02.20.11) Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich on the Republican Strategy

Battleground Wisconsin: (02.18.11) Thousands rally against Wisconsin governor's plan to dismatle union