Latest Solidarity Issue


Legal Services plan

(See Legal Services Attachment, page 23)
All current plan benefits will remain in force until Dec. 31,2013. At that time, any pending legal matters will be processed to their conclusion.

UAW GM Report

This is a summary of the tentative agreement. In all cases, the actual contract language will apply.

Duration and ratification

These proposed changes in the proposed agreement will not take effect until the tentative agreement is ratified by a majority of our respective membership, and only then on the appropriate dates specified. The new agreement, if ratified, will run for four years and will expire at midnight Sept. 14, 2015.

UAW negotiates gains by extending GM vehicle discounts to members at supplier plants

(See contract language, page 419)
Under the tentative agreement, your bargaining team made gains in extending GM vehicle discounts to all UAW members at supplier plants. This buying power will help support good-paying union jobs and job security for UAW GM members going forward.




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