Latest Solidarity Issue

Gains for nurses

New staffing guidelines

The negotiating team secured a new letter of understanding with the company for nurse staffing guidelines. Facilities shift patterns and the number of nurses per shift will now be reviewed, a move which is expected to result in nursing positions being added.

Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) gains

Negotiators won several victories for nurses, including a complete review of locations with AWS scheduling. The nurse chairperson and senior nurse will now be included in discussions on medical staffing requirements for plants with AWS shifts, a major breakthrough for members. 

Creation of new pilot program

For the first time:

  • A pilot program will be created which replaces two nursing supplemental positions with one full-time nursing position with benefits. This full-time nurse will work in two locations. 
  • If successful, this pilot program will be expanded, resulting in additional full-time nursing positions.

New plant closure language

During a closure or reduction in force, the company will assist in finding open positions for transfers and will also provide a relocation allowance. 

Wage increase for supplemental nurses

Your negotiating team fought for and won an increase in the hiring wage for supplemental nurses.

ACH nurses remain a priority

Negotiators maintained the right of ACH nurses to priority hiring consideration at Ford medical facilities.

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) conference improvements

Facilities with fewer than four nurses will attend the AAOHN conference every other year. The company agreed to pay for nurses to attend either the pre-conference (without pay for the weekend) or the main conference.

Job security for medical unit in plant changeover

If the plant is undergoing a changeover lasting up to 18 months, nurses may now receive temporary assignments or permanent positions. Full-time nurses will be allowed to displace supplemental employees or go on a Transitional Work Arrangement (TWA) schedule.

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