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Ford ACH supplement

Your elected negotiators entered bargaining with a commitment and goals to secure job security and economic gains for the members at the ACH plants. In some cases, workers have been in “temporary” status for as much as six years waiting for a MOU to sell or close the ACH facilities. While no one could have seen this situation lasting through 2011, your negotiating committee succeeded in greatly reducing the level of employment insecurity among our members, while winning strong economic and benefit gains with a commitment to provide our members a 40-hour workweek.

Settlement bonus

(See ACH contract, Page ACH 004.)
ACH workers who are on the active roll on the effective date of the agreement will receive a lump-sum Settlement Bonus of $6,000 for those with one or more years of seniority or $5,000 for anyone with less than one year of seniority. The bonus will be paid.

Profit sharing gains

(See ACH contract, Page ACH 011.)
ACH employees will receive profit-sharing payments of 20 percent of the Ford level.

Temporary workers win seniority rights

See ACH contract, Page ACH 011.)
Negotiators won seniority for temporary ACH workers who have 90 days of consecutive employment. The date of hire will serve as the worker’s seniority date. Those current members with less than 90 days will achieve seniority after reaching 90 days.

ACH workers given preferential hiring for Ford openings

(See Ford contract, Page 174C.)
ACH workers will be eligible to apply for Entry-Level jobs at Ford as they become available. Preferential Hiring shall be limited to ACH hourly employees on the active employment roll of ACH on the effective date of the 2011 UAW-Ford Master Agreement, with the exception of the displaced ACH hourly members from the Indianapolis plant, provided periods of separation do not exceed periods of employment. Prior to Ford hiring new Entry-Level employees, all eligible ACH employees will be surveyed once for placement on the preferential hiring list when either Entry-Level openings in Ford locations occur or when the UAW and the buyer of an ACH plant or business reach a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. Eligible members on the preferential hire list who decline an Out-of-Zone Entry-Level opportunity offer will not be eligible for subsequent Out-of-Zone opportunities, but will remain eligible for In-Zone opportunities.

Opportunities in Ford facilities will be offered in order of the members’ ACH seniority date, highest to lowest seniority order. Relocation Assistance will not be provided.

Health care improved with $20 office visits

(See ACH contract, Page ACH 010.)
ACH workers and their families at present must pay for their entire doctor’s office visits. We understand the strain this puts on your families. Your negotiating committee won language that calls for unlimited $20 co-pay office visits.

Bereavement days covered

(See ACH contract, Page ACH 008.)
Your negotiators were able to improve bereavement leave by winning language that grants ACH workers up to five days of leave following the death of an immediate family member (spouse, parent, child, step-child or multiple deaths in family), or three days off for the death of a brother, sister, step-parent, step-brother, step-sister, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law or grandparent-in-law. Additional unpaid time or use of vacation/excused absence hours may be requested and will not be unreasonably denied.

Jury duty to be paid

(See ACH contract, Page ACH 009.)
Negotiators won language allowing ACH members jury duty leave that will be compensated at straight time, plus shift differential, minus the jury duty pay.

Paid military leaves covered in contract

(See ACH contract, Page ACH 009.)
Short-term leave: Workers with at least one year of ACH service called for short-term military duty for Armed Forces Reserve/National Guard training will be paid the difference between their militarypay and company pay for the time the employee lost during the regular workweek, up to a maximum of 15 scheduled working days.

Long-term leave: All state and federal laws applying to leaves will be followed. At the end of the leave, the worker will be offered re-employment at their previous position unless circumstances have so changed to make it impossible or unreasonable to do so, in which event they will be offered such employment as may be available in line with their service as they may be capable of doing at current rate of pay for such work.

Vacation and Excused Absence Allowance
(See ACH contract, Page ACH 007.)

  • 1 but less than 2 years, 40 Excused Absence Hours (40 total hours)
  • 2 but less than 4 years, 40 Excused Absence Hours; 20 Vacation Hours (60 total hours)
  • 4 or more years, 40 Excused Absence Hours; 40 Vacation

Family Days
(See ACH contract, Page ACH 008.)
Seniority ACH members will receive two family days for the life of the 2011 ACH Agreement. An ACH member who attains seniority on or after Jan. 1, 2014 shall receive one family day.


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