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UAW supports administration proposal on light-duty vehicle CAFE and greenhouse gas emissions reductions


The UAW is pleased give its strong support to the Obama administration's proposal to extend the National Program for light-duty vehicle fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions reductions.

UAW President Bob King said President Obama deserves credit for bringing all the parties together. "The Obama administration listened to business, environmental and labor stakeholders.  With the president's leadership, compromises were reached that show how to make real progress on important issues."

See releated news release from BlueGreen Alliance.

The UAW is also proud of the leadership shown by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors in agreeing to standards that will: 1) increase America's energy security, 2) protect and grow jobs in the United States, and 3) reduce the emissions that cause climate change.  

"No industry is doing more on these issues" said King, "and the auto industry deserves tremendous recognition for that."

Automakers are already retooling to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles, and investments are being made in dozens of UAW-represented facilities to produce everything from pure electric and plug-in vehicles to hybrid components to advanced transmissions.

"We expect this kind of investment to continue," King said.  "There is business opportunity in meeting consumer demand for relief at the pump."

The UAW thanks President Obama for his continuing contribution to the rebirth and revitalization of the American auto industry, and for the important step forward represented by this proposal.