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UAW says election results a victory for working families


The results of Tuesday’s election are “a major victory for working families – and for America,” said UAW President Ron Gettelfinger.

“The election results are a strong message to both political parties,” said Gettelfinger. “The campaign to raise the minimum wage was successful in every state in which it was contested. Candidates endorsed by the UAW and other labor unions won key races because they campaigned on issues that matter to working Americans: good wages, decent health care, secure pensions and ending the failed trade policies that have sent hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs overseas.”

“Americans are obviously concerned about the stalemate in Iraq, our stagnant economy, and restoring ethics and integrity in our government,” said Gettelfinger. “Members of our union worked hard during this election. Now we’re going to work just as hard to make sure that the change we voted for means a change in direction in our nation’s policy.

“We need a new approach to trade policy that protects workers and the environment; affordable health care that is accessible to all Americans; new protections for our pensions, and reform of our nation’s bankruptcy laws so that businesses can no longer cut and run on their commitments to American workers.”

One note of disappointment in the election results, said Gettelfinger, was the passage of Proposal 2 in Michigan, which will limit efforts to provide equality and opportunity to all citizens. “Michigan is now only the third state in the country to pass this type of initiative,” said Gettelfinger. “It won’t help Michigan families – and it will hurt Michigan’s effort to attract new ideas, new talent and new businesses.

“UAW members in Michigan and around the country will continue to work for tolerance and diversity – because America is at its best when we all work together.”