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UAW endorses State Representative Rashida Tlaib


On Aug. 3, 2012 UAW National CAP in conjunction with UAW Region 1 and UAW Region 1A made a decision to retract State Representative Maureen Stapleton’s endorsement for the newly redistricted State House District 6 seat and wholeheartedly endorse State Representative Rashida Tlaib.

As a native-born Southwest Detroiter, UAW Region 1A Director Rory L. Gamble said, “Rashida has shown support to all unions in her voting record in Lansing for the past two years. I have never had to call on her to see where her support was.”

Tlaib has a 100 percent pro-labor voting record. She continues to show her support for working families over and over again.

UAW Region 1 Director Charles Hall said, “Rashida has been a true friend to the UAW, always making the right choice on the tough votes for her constituents and community.”

Stapleton has been endorsed by Students First, a super PAC that supports eroding our public school system by taking away collective bargaining rights of teachers, ultimately hurting our children’s education, and so the UAW can no longer support Stapleton. 

The UAW represents approximately 4,000 active and retired members in District 6. Between now and Election Day the UAW will be implementing a strong member communication program. This will include calls and canvasses to express its full support of Rashida Tlaib.