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Torch Light March TONIGHT in Detroit


Shine a light on Gov. Snyder's lies!

Torch Light March
Shine a Light on Gov. Snyder’s Lies,
Crimes and Corporate Cronies!

TODAY!  Thursday, Dec. 13
Gather 4:30 P.M.  at West Grand Blvd. and Third Street (In the New Center area)
5:00 PM March!

On Tuesday, Governor Snyder signed so-called ‘right-to-work’ legislation that promises to unravel the middle class, flatten wages and crush workers’ rights. Despite calling the legislation ‘divisive’ and claiming that it was not on his agenda, Snyder forced  the legislation through the legislature at the request of extreme, right-wing, corporate interests like the Koch Brothers and Dick DeVoss of AMWAY.

In fact, over 30 corporations like General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, PNC Bank, Peabody, Charles Schwab, Verizon, Duke Energy, Dow Chemical, and Exxon bankrolled the effort to spread lies. Like so many other pieces of legislation attacking the working people, his bill was brought to you by ALEC, part, of a national, coordinate campaign to destroy the middle class.

Gov. Snyder is committing crimes against us by cut billions from education, taxing the elderly, trying impose “emergency managers” for our cities and now attacking our rich union history and collective bargaining rights!

We Are Michigan is a broad-based coalition of faith, labor and progressive groups that have joined together to fight back against Governor Snyder’s attacks on working people.  We will “Re-Invent Michigan” by organizing and building a movement for justice.


Twitter: @WeAreMichigan