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Guess who doesn't support Right to Work (for less)?


Video shows the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is against it

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If Governor Snyder, the Chamber of Commerce and school management groups oppose right-to-work, why are lawmakers talking about passing it in Michigan's lame duck legislative session?

That’s the question raised in a new video from Progress Michigan, featuring Michigan Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rich Studley, who said, "The Governor doesn't support Right to Work … we don't support Right to Work."

Leaders from the left and the right have spoken out about so-called Right to Work, yet some extremist state politicians are attempting to pass a Right to Work law anyway — no matter how much it hurts workers and middle-class families.

Click here to watch and share the new video from Progress Michigan. 

Since Monday of last week, over 12,000 people have signed online petitions to let legislators know they are paying attention this lame duck session. Working people want their representatives to focus on creating jobs rather than spending time on so-called Right to Work laws.

Click here to view photos taken as the petitions were delivered. 

We’ve still got a ways to go. Thank you for everything you continue to do to protect working families in Michigan. Let’s stand together to make sure our legislators know that Right to Work is WRONG for Michigan.