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Go union, get AT&T and get a great discount, too


As UAW members, we know how important it is for consumers to buy quality, union-made products and services.

Members of other unions support us. And we do the same when we look for union-made goods and services.  UAW members not only support their brothers and sisters from the Communications Workers of America when they sign up for AT&T service, but they also qualify for a sweet 15 percent discount on those services.

It’s easy to sign up: Just fill out this form and go to your local AT&T store (not a kiosk or retailer) or go online. Active and retired members will need their union identification card to qualify. Some restrictions exist so carefully read your plan details.

When you sign up for AT&T service, know that you are getting service from the nation’s only unionized wireless carrier, and you are helping support the jobs of 40,000 union-represented workers and their families.