Latest Solidarity Issue

Get set for tomorrow in Lansing!


Portions of rally will be live streamed on UAW Facebook page

Our rights as union members and as citizens in Michigan are under attack. The Legislature last week pushed through the most anti-worker legislation that this state has ever seen. Gov. Rick Snyder, who once said that Right to Work for Less legislation was "too divisive" and then said there would be "thoughtful discussion" about it, shut union members out of the Capitol last week while the GOP was ramming it through. 

The measure faces one legislative hurdle and then Snyder says he will sign the legislation, which the Detroit Free Press on Sunday called "a failure of leadership" and a "betrayal of voters."

This fight is far from over. We need you to come to Lansing tomorrow and join a mass protest against this legislation that is so bad for Michigan's working families. Here are links to the rally flier, capitol map and the UAW's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And if you cannot make it to the rally, join us on Facebook where we plan to live stream of portions of the rally, follow us on Twitter, and join in the conversation against this misguided legislation that President Obama today said doesn't "have anything to do with economics, they have to do with politics."

See you in Lansing or on the Web! We're fired up and ready to go!