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Call now to support unemployed workers!


You can say one thing about Republicans – they’re consistent in their efforts to make life miserable for the unemployed.

Take,  for instance, the latest version of their Unemployment Insurance bill. It would cut up to 40 weeks of benefits next year. But that’s not the worst part of this draconian bill: For some inexplicable reason it cuts the most from the hardest hit states and least from the states that have weathered the recession better.

Senseless? Cruel? All this while they won’t require one bit of sacrifice from their billionaire friends on Wall Street.

Call  (888) 245-3381 and ask to speak to your elected representatives and demand the outrageous provisions of H.R. 3630 be scrapped and UI benefits of for the jobless be approved throughout 2012!. Or call online.

These cuts could mean a loss of up to $22 billion in economic activity next year and translate into the loss of approximately 140,000 jobs – our sluggish economy cannot tolerate such a hit at this time.

This is where you come in: Call your representatives in the House and your senators and tell them to stop victimizing the unemployed, get serious about job creation and continue unemployment for the millions of Americans they are supposed to represent. Call  (888) 245-3381. Or call online.